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Before Booking a Consult…

I have four types of consults. These are best done via Zoom. Pick your most appropriate type and book at the bottom of the page.

Please note, prior to booking a health consult you must download the questionnaire and submit it when booking. This will save us time (and you money!).

Finally, any visually impaired clients, please contact me directly, the booking app may be tricky for you.




1. A 30min Quick Chat...

New to fresh feeding and in need of a guiding hand? Have questions that internet has served to confuse you on? Have I got the balance right? Can I mix this with that? Should I be concerned about nasty bacteria? What is the best food for my dog? Advice on picking good pre-mades etc. Whatever your need in this regard, these sorts of questions are my bread and butter. Make a list and let’s do a Zoom. This consult is up to 30mins in length, costs €60 (£51/$72). It does include a recording of our chat but doesn’t include follow up emails. Please book at the bottom of the page! 

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2. Health Consult

Most owners come to us with a pet that has been through the ringer. The dog is on a host of meds and eating extortionately priced kibble. The owner is bamboozled from the conflicting information they have been receiving, information that do date hasn’t fixed their dog in any way. These are the owners I love to help. We will advise on the most suitable diet, tailored to various types, conditions and health needs, and walk you through the transition, start to finish. Once the ground work is laid we turn our attention to vital natural supplements that can be employed along side his conventional meds (if necessary) and finish with not only a number of crucial health tips to get this dog back into top shape but recommendations of specialists next to contact should the dog need a little polishing.  

Your (up to) 1hr 30 minute booking includes me preparing for said meeting (10-15mins) and then a 45 minute – 1hr Zoom consult. We will send you a recording of our talk and a few follow-on emails are included, should they be necessary. For trickier cases requiring more email consults, it may require us charging my time out on a 5-10minute basis (at the rate below) to address but this is rare. 

The total cost of this consult is €120 (£102/$143 approx) ex VAT. 

***It’s imperative you download the health questionnaire below and submit it with your booking at the bottom of the page.***

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3. New Dog Consult

From my days as Pup Supervisor with various guide dog schools, I have a wealth of experience settling pups into their homes and training everyone (dogs and families!) up during that crucial first year of their life. I will advise on what you need in preparation for their arrival, advise on those first few nights, offer a few training tips for the years ahead and, of course, the best nutrition and simple, natural health advice to make sure your pup sets themselves up for a long, healthy, happy life.

Your booking involves a 1hr zoom call. I will take you through all the necessities and send you a recording of our meeting that you can watch with the family. I will also follow up with an email containing any attachments and links specific to your needs that we mentioned in our chat. Also includes one or two follow on emails, should you need them. Best you have prepared any and all questions in advance. 

Includes one follow-on email should you have any other questions and the total cost of this consult is €100 (£87/$122) ex VAT. You can book at the bottom of the page.




4. Product Development

I have a substantial knowledge of the pet market and have proven to be one step ahead more than once in the last decade. I have track record of getting a range of successful pet foods and supplements to market. I understand manufacturing, design, successful marketing, costing and price. My knowledge of canine nutrition and health need aids in sourcing, helps you avoid pitfalls and should give your products a competitive edge. I’ve got a solid following and I’ve developed a few connections. Most of all, I love talking shop. If you’re starting off, I’d be happy to help where I can. 90 mins €250.

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