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Dogs First Consultations

We offer Six types of video consultations...

Please choose the consult that best suits your needs. Also, please note, we do consults via Zoom.  You will be provided with a Zoom link upon booking. It’s as easy as click and enter. If you have never used Zoom before, please ensure you test your link BEFORE we speak or you risk eating into your time later.



New to fresh feeding and in need of a guiding hand? Have questions that internet has served to confuse you on? Have I got the balance right? Can I mix this with that? Should I be concerned about nasty bacteria? What is the best food for my dog? Advice on picking good pre-made raw OR dry food. What can I add to my dry meals to make them truly nutritious and tasty!! Etc. Whatever your need in this regard, these sorts of questions are our bread and butter. Make a list and let’s do a Zoom.

€90 incl VAT (£78/$96 approx)

Includes up to 30-40 mins Zoom with Conor and we provide a recording of the chat. Does not include follow up emails.

Works Best for

  • Anyone new-to-raw that has questions
  • Natural parasite control advice
  • Experienced raw feeders with brief nutrition or health questions
  • Non-raw feeders seeking to turbocharge their dog’s meals and life, we don’t discriminate!

Full Health Consultation


Dogs suffering a recurring skin (including itch), ear or gut conditions make up the majority of people coming to us for help. These dogs are usually on a host of meds and eating extortionately priced “prescription” kibble. You may even have tried raw and it hasn’t worked. You’re confused, stress and down a fortune. Does this describe you and your dog? If so, save yourself some money and go straight to our Canine Allergy course. It’s only €59.95 and comes with everything you will need to truly heal your dog.

But if you need some one to one time, we’re here. We will advise on the most suitable diet, tailored to various types, conditions and health needs. We will walk you through the transition, start to finish. Ground work laid we will then turn our attention to vital natural supplements and finish with not only a number of crucial health tips to get this dog back into top shape but recommendations of specialists next to contact should the dog need a little polishing.  

€195 incl VAT (£169/$209 approx)

Includes 15min prep for your dog, up to 60 mins Zoom time and the session recording. Also, you can stay in touch with Conor for up to 14days after while we settle the dog into his new life. 

***It’s imperative you download the health questionnaire and submit it with your booking***

Works Best for


Owners of dogs suffering:

  • recurring skin or ear conditions
  • recurring diarrhoea, gut conditions / IBS / IBD/ SIBO
  • food allergies
  • anal gland sufferers
  • chronic itch
  • pancreatitis
  • kidney disease & struvite crystals
  • yeast conditions 
  • obesity
  • stiff joints / arthritis
  • laryngeal paralysis

New Dog ConsultATION


From my days as Pup Supervisor with various guide dog schools, I have a wealth of experience settling pups into their homes and training everyone (dogs and families!) up during that crucial first year of their life. I will advise on what you need in preparation for their arrival, advise on those first few nights, offer a few training tips for the years ahead and, of course, the best nutrition and simple, natural health advice to make sure your pup sets themselves up for a long, healthy, happy life.

€150 incl VAT (£130/$161 approx)

Includes up to 60 mins Zoom with Conor and a recording of the meeting. 

Works Best for


New dog owners seeking to set off on the right foot:

    • preparing for arrival
    • the first few nights
    • nutritional advice
    • parasite & vaccination advice
    • basic obedience, toilet training & recall

Product Development CONSULTATION


We have expansive knowledge of not only canine nutrition and health sector but also the pet market. We have established a track record of creating and formulating a range of successful pet foods and supplements. We understand pet food manufacturing, product design and marketing, costings and price.  Most of all, we love talking shop. Our first consult will be broad reaching, touching on any aspect you need help with. Later, should you need them, our unique formulations can come with verified AAFCO/FEDIAF verification and even veterinary certification / approval which can be used on labels, should they be needed. Let our knowledge help you avoid common pitfalls and give your products the competitive edge they deserve.

€295 ex VAT (£256/$317 approx)

Cost is for first 90min brainstorm on Zoom. Recording of meeting provided. Specific recipe formulation, AAFCO/FEDIAF compliance & veterinary approval all extra.

Works Best for

  • Companies seeking to develop a dog food or treat range

Dogs First was established to give dog owners no-nonsense, well-researched, factual information on all things canine nutrition and natural health.

It’s clear there is today a terrible amount of bad information out there, much of it a result of the unregulated influx of corporate cash into our veterinary sector. We’ll do our best to protect you from the worst of it but for now trust absolutely nothing in a packet with a picture of a dog on it.