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Everything About Raw Dog Food

Everything You Need To Know About Raw Dog Food In Ten Minutes… Below is a short summary on ten key articles in raw feeding. Each article is linked out to the larger article should you fancy doing a little more research. 1/10 What Do Dogs Eat?  We know that when

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raw dog food guide

How Much Raw Food Should I Feed My Dog?

Initially, moving to a raw diet for your dog can seem a little tricky. One of the most likely questions when shifting to raw dog food is how much should I feed my dog? There are two ways to look at the question of “how much” for a particular type

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ideal raw dog food mix

4 Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipes [Quick and Easy]

In this article, I’ll share with you my preferred homemade and natural raw dog food recipes. You’ll find 4 different raw dog food recipes that are tailored to specific dog conditions. In short, I’ll share: Why Raw Dog Food? A life spent eating dry dog food is no life at

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feeding dogs bones

Do Raw Meaty Bones Cause Fractures: The Results

We asked 290 Raw and Dry Feeders if Raw Meaty Bones Cause Tooth Fractures, Here are the Results of 541 Dogs… This was the informal questionnaire put to both raw and dry feeders on my Facebook page over the weekend. Some data was excluded on the basis of incorrect submissions.

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Where are you on the dog food scale?!

Where are you on the dog food scale?! There is such a range of pet foods now available to the pet owner these days that it can become quite confusing. Every day I am sent links to products by folk asking me is this good or bad for my dog.

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a dog with a carrot on his head

Why you might feed some vegetable matter to dogs…

A comprehensive review of the pros and cons of feeding dogs vegetables, and best advice… Of all the ingredients we can put in their bowl, none create more debate than the mention of feeding vegetables to dogs. A quick trip around the forums reveals a lot of cliques. From the

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A chart showing tips for folk buying dog treats

Natural Dog Treats Part 1 – Treats to Avoid

Make Your Own Dog Treats, Naturally… As we all slowly get wiser to the toll dry feeding can take on our little carnivores, attentions naturally shift to everything else that we’re being sold by the industry. I’ve covered chemical parasite control for dogs with no parasites amply already, as we

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puppies playing before their second vaccination

Best Puppy Food is Homemade

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For A Young Animal Is To Feed Them Correctly, The Best Puppy Food Is Fresh Meat And Bone… Studies show major problems with Dry Puppy Food… A study of some of the top rated dry food by vets reveals little difference between them

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dry dog food causes itch in dogs

Can you mix raw and dry dog food?

Can you mix raw and dry dog food? If the question is, is it necessary to mix some dry food into the raw diet, then the answer is no, absolutely not. That would be like putting a salad on a frozen pizza. The best diet for a dog is a

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Beautiful images of bowls of raw dog food

DIY Raw Dog Food

HOW TO MAKE A RAW DIET FOR DOGS… Look at those bowls of food. OK, so we’re not aiming for these exquisite masterpieces initially, if ever, just showing you what’s possible! On a side note, I really don’t know how any vet can tell me with a straight face their

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a healthy dog running through a field showing he's free of allergies in dogs

Switching to Raw Dog Food? Best do it Slowly

Top tips for switching dogs to raw dog food… In a very small number of cases switching to raw dog food can be a bit tricky. Your dog has most likely been eating that dry diet for a long time. His stomach is conditioned to it. This is why any change

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How to Safely Feed a Dog Bones

How to Safely Feed a Dog Bones

For Nice Teeth you Need To Cut Out The Dry Food And Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones… Gum disease is a serious issue that goes far beyond unsightly teeth and smelly breath. Left to progress it can cause your dog serious discomfort and they may lose teeth. But more

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Reduced price meat in supermarkets can slash the cost of raw dog food

Cost of Raw Dog Food

The More Time / Effort you are Wiling to Put in to Feeding Your dog the Lower Your Cost of Raw Dog Food… There is no point in comparing the cost of raw dog food with the price of a bag of cereal-based, dry dog food as pound for pound

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Benefits of Raw Food For Dogs

The Top 5 Benefits of Raw Food For Dogs (Reasonably Anecdotally) Below are the top five benefits of feeding dogs a fresh, species appropriate diet of raw meat and bone. They are in no particular order, except perhaps order of appearance to the naked eye. They sum up not just

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a dog being shown a plate of meat and licking his lips

Why Dogs Need Meat

Dogs are meat eaters. Here’s Three Reasons why… 1. Dogs are Descended From A Long Line Of Meat Eaters… The dog comes from a very long line of carnivores. He is not a wolf but he certainly descended from something like a grey wolf perhaps 30,000 years ago and wolves,

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