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cheap raw dog food

Cheap raw dog food

This is an Article About Cheap Solutions For Raw Dog Food, not necessarily the Best. OK, we’re just talking about price in this article. If cost is a primary motivator for you right now, don’t be put out, you are still trying to make the best decisions you can for

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does raw dog food cause aggression in the likes of a collie who rounds up sheep? No is the answer

Does Raw Dog Food Cause Aggression?

No, raw dog food does not cause aggression. In fact the opposite is true… People often hear that a taste of fresh meat or blood creates blood-lust aggression in dogs, when the complete opposite is the case. Eating fresh meat is proven to calm dogs (Mugford 1987), actually making them

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a dog taking a steak off a plate

Can dogs have too much protein?

How can a dog have too much protein when they are protein eating machines?! For a human to over dose on protein they would want to be consuming a diet of pure protein (chicken breast say) with no fat or carbs – which is rare to the point of being ridiculous. In fact,

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image of dog eating a meaty bone

Is Raw Meat & Bone Safe?

It’s natural to wonder is raw dog food bad for dogs, but know the dry food industry is scaring you silly… We have always been told to cook our meat. Today, in the U.K, there is a 15% chance of handling some chicken with Salmonella and, in Ireland, more than 3/10

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Fat Dogs, Feed Them Fresh Not Less!

Feed Fat Dogs Fresh, Not Necessarily Less [I use a lot of references in this article folks. Some key ones are available below. The rest are available on request]. Obesity figures are soaring in dogs, from approximately 22% of the dog population in the 1980s (Edney and Smith 1986, Donoghue et al.

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