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What’s in a kiss?! Well, a LOT, if you’re human…

Did you know that the dog’s kiss is more hygenic than yours? Yep, you’re mouth is gross, largely as it is full of bacteria and viruses. The reason they’re there is that your saliva isn’t anti-bacterial or anti-viral.   “Human bites can be as dangerous as or even more dangerous

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4 cats dead from TB after eating raw dog food

Four Cats Dead, TB From a Venison Raw Dog Food Made by Natural Instinct Not sure how many of you heard but four cats came down with TB at the end of 2018 after eating raw dog food produced by Natural Instinct and based on venison. Specifically, it was Wild

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Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls…

Some points on two recent raw dog food recalls and how they compare to dry pet food recalls… There has been a variety of raw dog food recalls in the past. In 2011, one of Australia’s biggest raw dog food producers, V.I.P. PetFood, was caught using dangerously high amounts of

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Food type is a risk factor for bloat in dogs

The Nutrient Profile of Popular Raw Dog Food Ingredients

The Nutrient Profile of Popular Dog Food Ingredients We’ve put together a useful table below for those making up their own raw dog food. It will be particularly useful to people formulating diets for dogs suffering kidney disease and pancreatitis. For kidney disease in dogs, the key is to watch

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picture of a dog eating raw chicken

It is Highly Unlikely Raw Chicken Causes Paralysis in Dogs

RAW CHICKEN IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY TO CAUSE PARALYSIS IN DOGS… Recently, Melbourne University produced a study investigating Acute PolyradiculoNeuritis (APN) in dogs. This is an immune-mediated peripheral nerve disorder where a suspected trigger is the bacterial pathogen Campylobacter spp. In a piece entitled “Raw Chicken Linked to Paralysis in Dogs”, the university

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