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Everyone loves a bit of research. From verifying something your dodgy friend said to Googling a worrying ailment, there is something deep within us that just needs to know. But it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaffe online. Hard to know who to trust. 

To this end – I am a highly trained researcher, working specifically in natural pet care. I am completely independent of industry influence. I have nothing to gain from the results of my research bar the support my followers give me when viewing these courses. To those that do, thank you. 

AAFCO & The “Complete” Myth

If you are currently feeding or recommending people feed, ultraprocessed “complete” pet food, or simply anyone that believes a “complete” meal is possible (do you know what that might be in humans, asides breast milk?!) then this seminar is a must-see. AAFCO set the guidelines but too few know who

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This course explains what dogs eat by analysing their evolution, biology and diet studies.

What Do Dogs Eat?

How many times have you heard people argue over whether the dog is a carnivore or omnivore?! And if they eat some plant matter, how much? And of what?!! To answer this question as a zoologist might, we can examine 3 things 1) canine ancestry from a diet perspective, 2)

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Role Of Nutrition on the Behaviour of Dogs

If you have a stressed dog or work with clients that may have one, training is not the first solution. For these animals, you must get the foundation right or the lessons won’t stick. Somewhat unbelievably, considering the attention it gets in children, the role of good food in achieving

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