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Canine Allergy Course 1

Canine Allergy: Recurring Skin, Ear & Gut Conditions

Run time 3.2hrs

All I do is recurring skin, ear and gut issues. Numerous consults every single week for the last few years, helping exasperated pet owners who have tried everything, have seen multiple vets, have tried multiple meds and foods. I can tell you with some authority that the road you are on, treating the symptoms as they pop up, is wrong. I see these patients as little houses on fire. The symptoms are just smoke coming out the windows. We must first put out the fire before we look around and see what damage remains. This course teaches you how to put out the fire. It gives the science behind why the current approach is not working, so you can discuss it with your vet. I then show you how to fix them up, what supplements to use and when and we have a good chat about your various probiotic options. We conclude by addressing how to treat naturally a number of health conditions that are common in such dogs, including various skin conditions, itch, gastrointestinal issues and yeast.

Part 1 Introduction – the proof your dogs recurring skin, ear and/or gut condition is food-related (30mins) IS FREE! Listen to what we’re telling you here – there is a simple, quick, easy, cheap and nutritious solution to your dog’s problems. Doesn’t this sound like something you should at least try before spending another penny at the vets?! Remember, just like our supplements, here is our promise – we will refund your entire purchase if the advice in this article doesn’t help your dog. Simple as that. You tell me it didn’t work, we refund your money. But it will work and this video will show you why…

Part 2 Allergy versus intolerance. The word allergy is bandied around too much today. What your dog is suffering is highly unlikely to be a true allergy but another kind of food sensitivity. This matters…

Part 3 Dysbiosis and leaky gut. At the heart of the issue is an unsettled gut flora. This creates huge amounts of inflammation in dog. Left to rot, leaky gut can develop. This is where food intolerances are created.

Part 4 Why kibble doesn’t work. From ultra-processed proteins to poor quality fat to chemicals preservatives and mycotoxins, we have all the studies we need to show us that chemically preserved, ultra-processed kibbe plays no role in the recovery of these dogs.

Part 5 Poor veterinary advice. Dietary advice such as kibble and “chicken and rice” when your dog is sick are not the only incorrect bits of veterinary advice in such dogs. The tendency to use antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, while beneficial on the very short term, these meds are likely to more harm than good long term. We must get off them.

Part 6 Food allergy tests. Unfortunately, desperate for some direction, lots of owners in this situation waste good money on bad allergy tests. There is only really one we recommend and even then, only if all else fails…

Part 7 What to do. The solution to your dogs woes is actually quite simple. It involved a simple diet which we add to every couple of weeks. This way we find out what works in this dog and what doesn’t. To these meals we add some crucial supplements that will fix that gut, ensure the future diets are digested without drama.

Part 8 Natural solutions for issues resulting from food sensitivity. Here we run through the top tips for recurring skin issues, hot spots, itch and bad ears. Most importantly we discuss yeast – internally and externally – which may or may not be going on in the background as a result of the troubled gut. This is a crucial, often neglected part of the itch puzzle.