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Why Do Vets Recommend “That” Dry Food?!

Why Do Vets Recommend “That” Dry Food?! Are Irish vets not yet wondering why the only dry food they choose to stock (Royal Canin) is rated a miserable 2.5 stars out of 5 by Dog Food Advisor? With Science Diet not performing that much better (3 stars out of 5).

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dogs in dry dog food

Dogs Being Fed Dogs

IN THE 1980’s 40% OF PETS EUTHANISED IN LARGE US CITIES WERE RENDERED FOR MEAT OR BONE MEAL AND PUT BACK IN TO THE ANIMAL FOOD CHAIN…INCLUDING DRY DOG FOOD What?!! No! Couldn’t be, surely? I was on a veterinary forum last night. They were discussing the “myths of raw

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A chart showing tips for folk buying dog treats

Natural Dog Treats Part 1 – Treats to Avoid

Make Your Own Dog Treats, Naturally… As we all slowly get wiser to the toll dry feeding can take on our little carnivores, attentions naturally shift to everything else that we’re being sold by the industry. I’ve covered chemical parasite control for dogs with no parasites amply already, as we

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dog ear infections irritate the ear canal, shown in picutre

Dog Ear Infections, The Simple and Natural Solution

Dog Ear Infections, The Simple And Natural Solution Ear infections in dogs are one of the top 3 reasons for visiting a vet today. They can be pretty uncomfortable, particularly if you allow them to fester. You’ll know he has one as he will be vigorously shaking or rubbing at

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Could our Vets be Playing a Role in the Superbug Epidemic

Hands up Who’s Given Their Dog Antibiotics in the Last Year? Has anyone noticed that the application of antibiotics (often used with in conjunction with steroids) is now absolutely routine by your vet? Got a cough? Antibiotic. Got a dickie tum? Antibiotic. Got a rash? Antibiotic. Got a sore ear? Antibiotic.

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cartoon dog with a gas mask on

Bad Breath in Dogs, The Simple Solution

Bad Breath in Dogs, The Simple Solution The cause of bad breath in dogs (halitosis) is the very same as it is in humans, and that is largely poor dental hygiene and diet. There are other causes, such as liver / kidney issues but they are far rarer. If you

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a glossy, black labrador sitting on the grass

Better Coat Condition in Your Dog

How to get Better Coat Condition in Dogs… The below is not a photo-shopped dog. This is what a black Labrador can look like given the right nutrition. Beautiful eh? The key to better coat condition in dogs is absolutely all about the diet. We all want a good coat but

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Islam and Dogs

Islam and dogs, What’s the Beef?!

I was reading a post in The Journal over the weekend. Iran sent in the authorities to remove all dogs from people’s homes. Needless to say it didn’t go down well with the poor owners. Especially the way they did it, if there was a way to do it. The

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Heads up, the pet Food Police are Asleep

Unlike Human Food Products, The Watchdogs Guarding Your Pet From Poor Quality Dog Food Products are Practically Non-Existent…. In human health and nutrition, the burden of ensuring a product’s safety, efficacy and any claims of benefit is on governmental organisations that independently test drug and food product manufacturers. In dog health

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fleas on dogs

Great Home Made Spray for an Itchy Dog

Great Home Made Spray for an Itchy Dog So you have an itchy dog. First things first, everyone wants the quick fix but more important than what you put in at this point is what you STOP putting in. After all, if your friend has a shrimp allergy and  you

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does raw dog food cause aggression in the likes of a collie who rounds up sheep? No is the answer

Does Raw Dog Food Cause Aggression?

No, raw dog food does not cause aggression. In fact the opposite is true… People often hear that a taste of fresh meat or blood creates blood-lust aggression in dogs, when the complete opposite is the case. Eating fresh meat is proven to calm dogs (Mugford 1987), actually making them

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a dog taking a steak off a plate

Can dogs have too much protein?

How can a dog have too much protein when they are protein eating machines?! For a human to over dose on protein they would want to be consuming a diet of pure protein (chicken breast say) with no fat or carbs – which is rare to the point of being ridiculous. In fact,

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Cat sitting down to a fish supper

What do cats eat?

The ideal cat food is a little baby bunny… Cats should not be forgotten in the whole fresh feeding conversation. On top of all the usual issues we find in a dry fed carnivore, dry fed cat’s suffer far a shocking amount of kidney and pancreatic disease than their raw fed counterparts.

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What to feed a pregnant dog

Feed A Pregnant Dog Much The Same As Any Other Adult Dog, That Is 5:1:1:1, with Just With A Few Tweaks Along The Way… The best dog diet is built very roughly around the ratio 5:1:1:1, that is 5 parts raw meat, 1 part raw bone, 1 part fresh organ (liver,

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puppies playing before their second vaccination

Best Puppy Food is Homemade

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For A Young Animal Is To Feed Them Correctly, The Best Puppy Food Is Fresh Meat And Bone… Studies show major problems with Dry Puppy Food… A study of some of the top rated dry food by vets reveals little difference between them

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dry dog food causes itch in dogs

Can you mix raw and dry dog food?

Can you mix raw and dry dog food? If the question is, is it necessary to mix some dry food into the raw diet, then the answer is no, absolutely not. That would be like putting a salad on a frozen pizza. The best diet for a dog is a

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Beautiful images of bowls of raw dog food

DIY Raw Dog Food

HOW TO MAKE A RAW DIET FOR DOGS… Look at those bowls of food. OK, so we’re not aiming for these exquisite masterpieces initially, if ever, just showing you what’s possible! On a side note, I really don’t know how any vet can tell me with a straight face their

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image of dog eating a meaty bone

Is Raw Meat & Bone Safe?

It’s natural to wonder is raw dog food bad for dogs, but know the dry food industry is scaring you silly… We have always been told to cook our meat. Today, in the U.K, there is a 15% chance of handling some chicken with Salmonella and, in Ireland, more than 3/10

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a healthy dog running through a field showing he's free of allergies in dogs

Switching to Raw Dog Food? Best do it Slowly

Top tips for switching dogs to raw dog food… In a very small number of cases switching to raw dog food can be a bit tricky. Your dog has most likely been eating that dry diet for a long time. His stomach is conditioned to it. This is why any change

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How to Safely Feed a Dog Bones

How to Safely Feed a Dog Bones

For Nice Teeth you Need To Cut Out The Dry Food And Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones… Gum disease is a serious issue that goes far beyond unsightly teeth and smelly breath. Left to progress it can cause your dog serious discomfort and they may lose teeth. But more

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Reduced price meat in supermarkets can slash the cost of raw dog food

Cost of Raw Dog Food

The More Time / Effort you are Wiling to Put in to Feeding Your dog the Lower Your Cost of Raw Dog Food… There is no point in comparing the cost of raw dog food with the price of a bag of cereal-based, dry dog food as pound for pound

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A bowl of raw dog food with some Graw Dog Food chubs beside it

What is the Best Raw Dog Food? Top Tips

5 tips on How to Pick the Best Raw Dog Food… Are they using the right formulation? Are they using actual meat? Use your eyes and nose What is the range of organs used? Be wary of window dressing Price After a doctorate studying the effects of diet on the

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Benefits of Raw Food For Dogs

The Top 5 Benefits of Raw Food For Dogs (Reasonably Anecdotally) Below are the top five benefits of feeding dogs a fresh, species appropriate diet of raw meat and bone. They are in no particular order, except perhaps order of appearance to the naked eye. They sum up not just

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a dog being shown a plate of meat and licking his lips

Why Dogs Need Meat

Dogs are meat eaters. Here’s Three Reasons why… 1. Dogs are Descended From A Long Line Of Meat Eaters… The dog comes from a very long line of carnivores. He is not a wolf but he certainly descended from something like a grey wolf perhaps 30,000 years ago and wolves,

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dog skin conditions

Common Skin Issues

The Number one Cause of Recurring Skin Conditions in Dogs is Poor Diet… The number one reason for folk contacting Dogs First is recurring dog skin conditions. It’s a very common problem largely of dry fed dogs. The good news is we can very likely help you, quickly and easily, without the need

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Fat Dogs, Feed Them Fresh Not Less!

Feed Fat Dogs Fresh, Not Necessarily Less [I use a lot of references in this article folks. Some key ones are available below. The rest are available on request]. Obesity figures are soaring in dogs, from approximately 22% of the dog population in the 1980s (Edney and Smith 1986, Donoghue et al.

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Dr Neus Candela

Alternatives to Neutering Dogs

Safer Alternatives To Neutering Dogs Our article on neutering last year is far and away our most successful article to date. Heavily supported by numerous independent studies, it has been shared by over 15,000 people on Facebook and read by over 80,000 dog owners. In very short the article highlighted

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a rear picture of a bull dog

Dog Neutering: The Unspoken Risks Of Neutering

DOG NEUTERING IS AN EMOTIVE SUBJECT FOR WELFARE AND POPULATION REASONS BUT LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT THE FACTS… It is hard to find a vet today that would recommend anything but early dog neutering, certainly before they are sexually mature, often around six months of age. The reasons given are always the

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canine atopic dermatitis is a top cause of itch in dogs

Itchy Dog – Top 10 Tips Before the Vet is Called!

Itchy Dog Scratching Or Nibbling Himself Raw? No Problem. Here Are My Top 15 Tips For Itchy Dogs Before The Vet Is Called… So, you have an itchy dog. We get this all the time. Itch in dogs is the third most likely reason for pet owners to see the vet. Itchy dog owners

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Hot Spots on Dogs – What To Do

Hot Spots on Dogs are Due to a Bacterial Overgrowth, but why is the Question… A dog hot spot is when the dogs own skin bacteria overpopulates a certain area. This suggests that the immune defences are down, and something is happening to deplete the bodies resources that would normally keep

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a big brown dog with constipation

Constipation in Dogs – The Easy Natural Cure

The Most Common Cause of Constipation in Dogs is Incorrect Diet… A constipated dog will be visibly straining to go the toilet but nothing will be coming out. They might get a little distressed, licking at their bums, maybe doing some bottom scooting. If a dog does not poo for

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Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis in Dogs I don’t normally do this but to set the scene for the cause and solution to arthritis in dogs let me begin with a little anecdotal story of my old girl Meg. A shepherd/rough collie cross, Meg did not evade the poor hindquarters that commonly curse poor

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puppy showing his bum and the position of anal glands in dogs

Anal Glands in Dogs

Gut Inflammation and Too Many Soft Poos Is The Cause Of Anal Gland Issues In Dogs… Anal gland issues are almost entirely a dry-fed dog phenomenon. They are greatly relieved with its removal. Below I will show you the cause and solution to your dogs issues. I’m Dr Conor Brady,

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cartoon dog with a gas mask on

Reduce Bad Breath in Dogs Before You Need the Vet!

We’ve all suffer it at some stage, it’s just we don’t go round licking each others faces every chance we get. Bad breath in dogs arises for the same reasons it does in humans. However persistent bad breath (halitosis) needs attention. Why So Much Bad Breath in Dogs? The most

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a little pup with his head down beside a little puddle

5 Great Toilet Training Tips For Dogs

Among a host of other issues, Dudley didn’t toilet train as quickly as I thought he might have. This was disappointing and somewhat embarrassing when people came to visit as this was bread and butter stuff in guide dogs. So it got me thinking on the best toilet training tips for

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