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Itchy Dogs Part 1/10: Why is my Dog Itching?

itchy dog scratching his ear with his hind paw

Top 10 Tips for Itchy Dogs Before You Call the Vet Part 1/10: Why is my Dog Itching?

Dogs First was created to treat dogs with allergies. You know these owners as many come to you asking why is my dog itching all the time? Lucky for you, there are LOTS of simple, natural things you can do before going to the vet for more meds…

So, your dog is itching or scratching to a worrying degree. I’m assuming if you’re here looking for info, it’s not the occasional occurrence we are talking here but something far more repetitive and distressing for the dog. Apart from being visibly distressed, they can scratch so much their skin or ears get inflames and badly irritated, they can lose coat condition, maybe even tearing their skin or nibbling their toes to bleeding point. It’s not nice to see and despite multiple visits to the vet you are still no closer to an answer to your simple question – why is my dog itching?

If you don’t want to be yet another dog owner regularly spending a fortune at the vets while your dog continues to suffer, please grab a cup of tea and listen up to our top 15 tips that will surely reduce your dog scratching to nothing more than an enjoyable level!

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why is my dog itching?

If you are still asking why is my dog itching weeks or even months down the line, let me tell you where you are right now…

A dog scratching is all too common an issue in dogs today, at least the dry-fed ones. I bet you nod your head throughout the following paragraph:

You’re the owner of a pedigree such as a pug, a white-coated dog such as a Bijon, Westie or maybe light-coated retriever or an albino version of any breed. His issues began on a cereal-based dry food though you may now have tried a variety of brands of dry and canned pet food, possibly even ending up on an obscenely expensive dry food from the vets with a ridiculously scientific name and even more ridiculous price tag. You may even have made the courageous leap to raw dog food, all to no avail. You have tried everything and have now spent an absolute fortune at the vets on steroids and NSAID tablets and potions such as Apoquel which you seem to be using more of them these days. But the drugs are no permanent solution. Worse still, you’re starting to suspect that a life on these powerful chemicals is highly unadvisable (very correct). You feel incredibly frustrated that you can’t help your little buddy who now seems worse than ever, who is possibly often in a lampshade to stop his access to the raw spots (can you imagine not being able to get at an itch that bad? Terrible for them). Funds are getting thinner and not a single person has answered your simple question – why is my dog itching so incessantly?

That about right?!

It often helps to know you’re not alone. If you find yourself in this boat, know that it’s good news time – we can say with confidence that this article is very, very likely going to sort it out for you. We get itchy dogs all the time. In fact, itchy dog owners are one of the most common visitors to our site (now 150,000 visitors a month) and it’s the third most likely reason for pet owners to visit the vet.

Thankfully, there is LOTS you can do before you see one more vet, all of them simple, natural and very largely cost-free. You have nothing to lose by trying them out. They are in no particular order after the first which far and away is the most important.


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