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Your Natural Dog Seminar, 2017

Your Natural Dog Seminar

Your Natural Dog Seminar 2017

We are delighted to bring you Ireland’s first Natural Dog Seminar 2017! The ethos of this seminar is that proper health care is the avoidance of disease. This seminar will show you how.

As dry food sales plummet worldwide, to be replaced by more natural, biologically appropriate food choices for our pets, some of us can be left scratching our heads over the best way of doing almost everything else for them. This is why we have brought you Your Natural Dog 2017, a whole day where everything we discuss, from food to health to rehab is as natural as can be.

Fresh food, herbs and holistic care (the study of the whole) is far from alternative, it has been and remains the basis of effective health care for thousands of years. Medicine and surgery is disease care. The trick is never requiring the latter.

In terms of health, the 20th Century will be remembered as the time we turned our backs almost completely on all things natural in favour of drugs made by chemists and food made in factories. All else was carefully marketed as alternative, quaint, and somewhat ineffective. We have become incredible artists at disease treatment but this has been at the cost of disease avoidance. As cancer rates continue to rise in humans (with 1 in 2 of us soon to suffer cancer by 2020) it’s slowly becoming apparent that perhaps a return to the more natural way of doing almost everything should at least be considered. This is even more relevant in our pets who today live on copious amounts of junk food and powerful drugs that are destroying their health.

3 Speakers…

Jo Arbon of Holistic Hounds – Herb Usage in DogsA photo of Jo Arbon with her dogs

We’re a big fan of Jo. A herbalist of some renowned and Applied Zoopharmacognosy practitioner, Jo has a very solid knowledge of all thing herb and therapy. Her motto is wonderfully holistic motto is to integrate and use all appropriate therapies, taking the best from each. In her 90 minutes Jo plans to cover;

  • The why and how to herb, flower essence & essential oil usage in dogs

  • The Top 10 herbs for use in your pet

  • An introduction to Applied Zoopharmacognosy (self-medication in dogs)

  • Make your own wound and muscle strain cream!

A photo of Emily McAteer, Dublin Holistic VetDr. Emily McAteer – A Holistic Approach to Veterinary Therapy

Emily of Dublin Holistic Vet needs no introduction to you Dogs Firsters. You can find out more about her here. From her clinic in Portmarnock Dublin, Emily is now busier than ever. Conventionally trained but now holistic looking, Emily practices and preaches much of the same things I do. She was the first vet in Ireland (that I know of) to offer titre tests instead of non-sensical boosters, faecal worm counts instead of chemical worm doses and now gonadal-sparing neutering. Emily plans to cover;

  • The best vaccinations advice and alternatives to boosters

  • A talk on gonadal-sparing neutering

  • The natural, holistic approach to cure

  • Questions on parasitology

Dr. Conor Brady – Feeding Dogs Fresh FoodA photo of Dr. Conor Brady of Dogs First

Most of you know who I am by now but for those new to Dogs First, you can read all about me here. This will be my third seminar in Ireland and in an effort to keep things fresh (so to speak) and in line with the speakers above, my talk will be split between the absolute necessity that is fresh ingredients in dogs, with all the tips and tricks you will need to get you and your clients started but also the crucial role appropriate feeding plays in some all too common health conditions in dogs. I plan to cover;

  • The science behind why dogs need fresh food and not dry, cereal-based pellets

  • How to feed fresh food with lots of tips and tricks

  • The role of food in recurring skin, ear or gut conditions, and many more.

Tickets €20 / €50…

It will be a full day so we will try and break it up with as many distractions as we can! Before we get to them, and to accommodate those of you that have the fresh thing down pat, we have divided the day in two:

Morning Session €20

The morning will consist of Jo and Emily both speaking for 90mins with a break in the middle for tea and coffee (and homemade biscuits) where you will have a chance to meet and greet the morning speakers and maybe have a quick chat with the various producers have at the back of the room.

Afternoon Session

  • We will begin with a tasty sit-down lunch at 1pm. Most important.
  • To get minds focused we’ll begin with a little dog related quiz with lots of giveaways and announce the winner of our free raffle for a seriously fancy hamper full of Irish natural products for your pet (although I am now thinking of ever more complicated ways where one of you earns this hamper, ideas welcome!!).
  • Conor will be on from approximately 2:15-4:30pm
  • We will conclude the afternoon with a few brief introductions to some other complementary therapies and, should time permit, there will be a quick role play as to the best way to both approach and work with your vet when embarking on the natural route, which we all know can be a bit tricky. We must bring them with us, it’s the only way to teach them!

Tickets for the morning sessions (Jo and Emily) cost just €20 and a ticket for the full day including a sit-down lunch costing €50. In an effort to get you to spread the word, we are offering two tickets for just €90 (this offer closes end of Feb 2017)!

Please note tickets are limited to 120 attendees.