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Probiotic Floor & Carpet Cleaner – 1l of concentrate


The 98% natural, pet-safe, probiotic floor cleaner with longer-lasting results!! 

EVAA+ Probiotic Floor Cleaner is a far safer and healthier way of cleaning your home than traditional chemical floor cleaners.

After the natural cleaner works to remove any dirt or grime, the ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics) remain, accessing deep into cracks and crevices in your floor where they outcompete any of the bad bacteria that may be hiding away causing bad odours. No more nasty chemical air fresheners.

This makes EVAA+ Probiotic Floor Cleaner IDEAL FOR TOILET TRAINING or house soiling dogs. It penetrates crevices and consumes the biologoical material that would have been causing the bad smell.

Unlike traditional cleaners, the natural ingredients and mild surfactants are not carcinogens, toxins or irritants. They are safer for the person cleaning, the pets walking  and the children crawling (and sometimes licking) the floors about your home.

Better still, the lack of chemicals and anti-life support your gut flora and allergy management as a whole.

And think of the money you can save! One litre makes 125 – 250 litres when diluted, at a cost of only 6 – 12p (€0.07 to 0.14) per litre, depending on dilution.

  • Breaks down and eliminates organic matter and bad odour
  • Suitable for floors, carpets, wood, stone
  • Great for toilet training
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nontoxic & safe
  • Pleasant, natural fragrance
  • Made using ocean-recycled plastics
  • 98% natural and certified ingredients

When cleaning with traditional chemicals, the cleaning effect stops within minutes of your floor drying. This means the area will become re-colonised within an hour.

In contrast, the added helpful probiotics stay on the floor and continue working for up to three days after use. This gives you longer lasting and better cleaning results.

Regularly cleaning with this probiotic floor cleaner restores a healthier microbial balance (a healthy microbiome) to your indoor environment. This is known to support well-being and immunity. It also reduces antimicrobial resistance.


Shake before use. Add 40 – 80ml EVAA+ All Floor Cleaner to 10 litres of warm water, depending on how dirty the floor is! Mop the floor then rinse with water to remove the foam. You can also use a power mop or microfibre mop.

Weight1000 g