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If you’re here then either you have read an article that has helped you or your pet or I’ve given you some time on the phone and you want to donate me the price of a coffee. If that’s the case, thanks so much for your support. These little bits are absolutely vital to help me to keep doing what I’m doing. Continued good health to you and your pet and please spread the word.

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Patricia Moloney
Canident does the job

I’ve been using Canident regularly for my dog for many years. It really is effective in keeping plaque at bay. The fact that it’s an Irish product is an added bonus.

Eirin Avnskog
Thank you!!

Thank you so much for informing the whole world about what to feed our dogs so that they will thrive and have a long good life! It is so much appreciated!

Jennifer & Luna
My itchy pup

All of your advice I have tried. With the exception to the salt water. I just had her spayed a few weeks ago and hoped that would help. I assumed she had seasonal allergies but now that winter has come I’m not so sure. I used CBD oil for a couple weeks after her spay when she refused to eat and all her itch was gone. I personally thought the spay procedure worked but now weeks after she scratching and biting more and more. She really goes after her back most but her ears and tail can get attacked at times.
She has no bumps and no scabs currently… her diet (Raw) is so premium and time consuming but I don’t mind because I want her for as long as she will live.
I’m definitely going to try the CBD again and continue to read articles about anything regarding itchy doggo. Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, Castile soap, lavender, air purifier, honey & many other options I found helpful but not a cure.
Thank you for the article

Joan Cumming
dogs first..Coffee Break

I think its a great idea..I know where to go to for help…on a subject I that have a lot to learn. I know in some small way I am helping. Decent information is sometimes a hard truth to find. Thanks for the appreciation- enjoy your coffee. Joan

Point the vet in the right direction!

Thank you for so much research based information and advice. I now know where to point dubious, kibble pushing vets! I have changed vets twice due to “rubbishing” of my feeding my dogs a raw diet, and my refusal to give annual vaccinations or chemical flea treatments, so it’s good to see my views backed up!
I occasionally breed from my girls: Reference to your website will now be included in already extensive advice sheets for new fur baby owners.