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Puppy Farming in Ireland EXPANDING with OK From Govt.

Images from Cullivans Puppy Farm

More Shame on Ireland: Our Worst Puppy Farmers are EXPANDING Their Highly Profitable Businesses…

Yes, you read that correctly. They’re expanding with blessing from the government. This isn’t breaking news either. In March 2017 permission was granted to Raymond Cullivan, the guy at the centre of the BBC’s disgraceful puppy farming exposé in 2016, for the conversion of more buildings and stables to be used for dog breeding. This increases his breedstock up to a MAXIMUM of 350 dogs (male and female combined).

In response a new petition is going around. It reads:

A breeding puppy mill with permission to house 350 dogs has been granted to Raymond Cullivan, Co Cavan, by Cavan County Council. Mr Cullivan has been exposed on several occasions as an unscrupulous puppy mill breeder, with horrific conditions, well outside the parameters acceptable by the Department of Agriculture. It is incredulous, and begs a serious question, as to why this planning permission is granted.

Check out the Petition here.

A petition?!! You might be wondering WHY or HOW, this day in age, you would possibly need a peition to stop these people operating?!!

What’s all the fuss about the Cullivans?

For those of you who don’t know the Cullivans, remember the BBC exposé in May 2016 on Irish Puppy Farming?! The images shown to us (below) were a total shocker to most. And yes, it was by the BBC, as the Irish Government, namely Cavan County Council, unbelievably, pass this hell as OK in their books. Pregnant bitches being locked in crates with no access to light. Both pregnant bitches and pups with zero human interaction, living in darkness and fear.

Images from Cullivans Puppy Farm
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Images from Cullivans Puppy Farm
Images from Cullivans Puppy Farm

It’s fair to say these images really motivated the people. We were furious. How could this be permitted? Never again! Shut them down!! Shame!!! Even our dog-loving stars came on board…

“Louis Walsh, Mary Black and RTÉ’s Sharon Ní Bheoláin are among a group of celebrities who have taken a stand against one of the country’s biggest puppy breeders, the Irish Mail on Sunday can reveal. Some 35 celebrities, including Ms Ní Bheoláin, Walsh, broadcaster Maia Dunphy, and singers Rebecca Storm, Tommy Fleming, Linda Martin and Brian Kennedy lodged an objection with Cavan County Council 2016

Then it all, sort of, went away. Only it didn’t. It never went anywhere. They weren’t stopped. They weren’t even restricted and now they are expanding.

Why Don’t the ISPCA do More?

Sadly, the ISPCA have no powers in relation to the Dog Breeding Establishments (DBE) Act. They have raised their concerns with Cavan County Council a number of times. To quote the ISPCA

However, Cavan County Council failed to respond and we raised the matter with the Veterinary Council of Ireland who asked the Department of Environment for more resources to allow Inspections and enforcement action to be taken.

So, at the time, the Department of Environment didn’t have the personpower to call into Ireland’s largest and most notorious puppy farmer?!!!!!

The ISPCA also submitted a Freedom of Information request to Cavan County Council asking for details of inspections at this site, maybe some details of any breaches of the DBE Act and ideally details of any enforcement action taken.

Unfortunately, that FOI request was denied by Cavan County Council on the grounds that the information may contain ‘trade secrets’ and commercially sensitive information.

What Can I do?!

You need to take action. The Irish Government clearly have no consideration whatsoever towards animal welfare. We are the puppy farming, dog fighting capital of Europe. We kill nearly as many pet dogs at the entire UK which has ten times more dogs. The UK government are battling to keep our pups out.

Every successive Irish government has repeatedly demonstrated that it neither has the want nor ability to deal with the continuing homeless crisis, let alone to punish the thieving banks who operated as a cartel for 7 years to deny 30,000 Irish families their tracker mortgages, destroying many and pushing some to suicide.

The reason all these things are permitted is that we Irish rarely take any REAL action. Out on the streets action, like the French, like the grey brigade successfully did when campaigning regarding a pension cut, like Margaretta D’Arcy tried to do by making a citizens arrest on an Irish bank, and was pretty much sneered at by the media.

puppy farming protestors in Ireland

The truth is our grossly inflated civil service are only truly motivated when their jobs are at stake, just like the private sector. Doing your job to preserve your existence. For this reason, you need to contact each of the local councillors, find out who is permitting this and ideally WHY but let’s face it, it’s Ireland, there is rarely a why given.

With this in mind, here is a list of things you can do about puppy farming in Ireland:

Actual Link:

  • Voice your concerns to Cavan County Council by emailing or
  • Contact the local councillors. You will find them below, with Cavan Town Councillors being your prime target as they are closest to Poles, Cavan. Do not send them a group email. They will need an email directly to each one. Keep it short and sweet, looking for details of inspections at Cullivan site, maybe some details of any breaches of the DBE Act and any details of any enforcement action taken. Ask them how this is being permitted, that you want action taken, and put a link to the petition at the bottom. If you are from Cavan tell them you will campaign to vote them out if nothing is done.

List of Cavan Town Councillors

Damien Brady

Damien Brady

14 Doon Heights, Ballyconnell

John Paul Feeley

John Paul Feeley

Stranamorth, Blacklion

Madeleine Argue

Madeleine Argue

Latt, Cavan

Peter McVitty

Peter McVitty

Mullinacre, Ballyconnell

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Gowlagh South, Bawnboy


List of Ballyjamesduff Councillors, Cavan


Noel Connell

Rathiever, Mountnugent

Paddy OReilly1

Paddy O’Reilly

Murmod, Virginia

Paddy Smith

Paddy Smith

17 Kilmore, Ballyjamesduff


Philip Brady

Drumcor, Loughduff

Shane OReilly

Shane O’Reilly

Mill Cottage, Mullaghland, Mullagh via Kells, County Cavan

Winston Bennett

Winston J. Bennett

Dillagh, Ballinagh


List of Bailleborough Councillors, Cavan


Carmel Brady

Tullyvin, Cootehill


Clifford Kelly

Main Street, Kingscourt

Fergal Curtin

Fergal Curtin

Drumnaveigh, New Inns

Paddy McDonald

Paddy McDonald

5 Chapel Rd, Bailieborough

Sarah OReilly

Sarah O’Reilly

Lisnalee, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan

Val Smith

Val Smith

Drumgora, Stradone

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