Keeping PETS out of vets since 2011



For the last ten years I have been lucky enough to give these seminars all over the world. Over that time I have perfected the talks below. I like using images and slides as I speak so Zoom suits my delivery perfectly. I use two screens so you can choose whether you want to watch me talking or my slides. 

Dr Conor Brady lecturing in Bejing

Some of the most popular seminars include:

  • Are dogs carnivores omnivores? 

A quick trip through canine evolution and digestive biology, an analysis of the dingo and what the diet studies say they select when left to their own devices. (1.5hrs)

  • Is dry food really complete?

This aims to dissolve the facade of dry, ultra-processed food and includes a brief look at carbohydrates, types of protein, food chemicals, importance of fats, vitamins and minerals, gum disease,  microbiological threat, lack of balance and supportive science,  concluding with how to pick the least bad one. (2hrs)

  • Carbohydrates

What are they, what is the science concerning their use in dry pet food and their role in the obesity, pancreatitis, bloat and cancer epidemics plaguing dogs today. (2hrs)

  • Matters of protein

Includes protein’s role in the body, it’s importance to the dog, how bad it is ultra-processed pet food and how under estimated and truly vital meat protein is to the dog (2hrs)

  • Nutrition and behaviour

Why dry, ultra processed pet food will negatively impact your pets behaviour and why fresh is the remedy (from carbs to chemicals, fresh fats to the gut biome). (1hr)

  • The “science” of the pet food industry

The current state of veterinary nutritional knowledge, how corrupted and corruptible pet food science has become and who are the pet food police? (2hrs)

  • Raw feeding

The evidence for raw, the best meat parts and why, should you use veg, how to make the good stuff and many raw FAQ’s (2hrs)

  • Mysterious “allergy”

Tackles why so many dogs today suffer recurring skin and gut upset, an explanation of processed, current treatments and the best advice to fixing the issue without drugs or expensive therapies. (1hr)