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The Nutrient Profile of Popular Raw Dog Food Ingredients

Food type is a risk factor for bloat in dogs

The Nutrient Profile of Popular Dog Food Ingredients

We’ve put together a useful table below for those making up their own raw dog food. It will be particularly useful to people formulating diets for dogs suffering kidney disease and pancreatitis.

For kidney disease in dogs, the key is to watch phosphorus contents. Low is good, high is bad. There are two columns with phosphorus in it, just use the one on the far right (phosphorus per 100Kcal of food item). Items below 150mg of phosphorus per 100kcal of food item is recommended. I’ve coloured them green (low phosphorus, below 100mg), orange (medium phosphorus, 100-150mg) and red (high phosphorus, 150mg+)

These figures should in no way be taken as an absolute. They are very approximate figures taken from the USDA Nutrient Database which will vary by cuts and sources of meat, if wild or farmed, how it’s handled etc. This database is a fabulous resource for looking up the nutrient content of practically any food item on the planet. I have included the most popular food items for dogs below. Values for protein, fat and carbs are grams per 100 grams. Values for Calcium and Phosphorus are milligrams per 100 grams.

I have included values for cooked meat also, largely out of interest to show you the difference cooking can make but also as I know some of you out there are cooking for your dogs. A point of note though, for anyone preparing food for dogs with kidney disease or pancreatitis, I urge you to feed the meat ingredients raw. Feeding them cooked meat is part of the cause of the issue in the first place.

100g of MEAT, RAW (i.e. with water)
Ground Beef (20% fat)17.22002541815862
Ground Beef (10% fat)2010017612184105
Beef Tripe, Green13.312.81.721210013061
Chicken, Dark Meat and Skin16.718.302371113657
Chicken (breast meat)21.21.201145210184
Ground Turkey (7% fat)18.78.3015021193129
Ground Pork (28% fat)14.9280.13141613242
Ground Lamb16.623.402821615756
Ground duck meat and skin11.53904041113934
Fish, white17.7108514201236
Fish, oily (eg Sardine)2210015857236149
100g of MEAT, COOKED (i.e. with water removed)
Ground Beef (20% fat)2415.902462620583
Ground Beef (10% fat)25.210.7020415216106
Ground Turkey (7% fat)27.111.6021331259122
Chicken, Dark Meat and Skin2615.802531516866
Chicken Breast (skinless)313.6016515228138
Ground Pork (28% fat)22.631.403772018148
Ground Lamb, broiled24.819.702832220171
Ground duck meat and skin192803371115646
Beef Heart28.54.70.21655254154
100g of ORGAN, RAW (i.e. with water)
Beef Heart17.73.90.11127212189
Beef Liver20.43.63.91355387287
Beef Kidney17.43.10.39913257260
Chicken Liver16.94.80.71198297250
Chicken Hearts15.69.30.715312177116
Turkey Liver18.35.5012820279218
Turkey Hearts16.77.40.414018183131
Duck Liver18.74.63.513611269198
Chicken Necks (with skin)12.716.70267700-840420-870242
Chicken Necks (w/o skin)15.611.10152890-1580500-1415630
Chicken Backs (with skin)15.415.80208740-1300480-970349
Chicken Backs (w/o skin)16.17.201371500840613
Chicken Wings (with skin)17.515.30244620-1150430-660223
Chicken Legs (with skin)17.211.40187770-1190540-690329
Whole Chicken (with meat)13.812.30192723456237
Turkey Necks (no skin)177.901161190-2590670-1390888
Rabbit (whole, skinless)17.85.80125500-800370-690424
100g of TINNED FISH (i.e. with water removed)
Sardines (canned in tomato, drained)
Tuna (canned in water, drained)23.63012814217170
Pink Salmon (canned, drained)23.14.80136277365268
Mackerel (canned, drained)23.26.30156241301193
Sweet Potatoes (boiled w/o skin)
Sweet Potatoes (baked, no skin)20.220.790385460
Potatoes (boiled)1.70.1208684047
Winter Squash (Acorn, Butternut, etc)
Canned Pumpkin (plain)
Broccoli (boiled, drained)
Spinach (steamed, drained)30.33.82313656243
Carrots (boiled, drained)
Peas (boiled, drained)
100g of DAIRY
Whole Milk Yogurt3.53.34.76112195156
Whole Milk Kefir3.33.52.261120100164
Cottage Cheese12.54.52.710360132128
2 large (100 grams approx.)

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