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We know that good, fresh ingredients is central to our health, the health of our zoo animals, livestock and every animal on the planet, to everything except dogs? Are we to believe that the same companies that have failed to make a suitable alternative to fresh food for humans have somehow managed to do it for our dogs?!

We’re here to tell you that they absolutely have not. The ones saying otherwise either make the stuff or sell it. The truth is dogs are carnivores. They need fresh meat, and are significantly healthier when fed upon it. The information on this site will show you how. It’s easy, cheaper and infinitely better for your dog. The differences will be apparent almost immediately.

Once you question their food it’s our hope you don’t stop there. Question everything. Flea treatments for dogs with no fleas? Worm treatments for dogs with no worms? Annual boosters for an animal already properly vaccinated, against the advice of the worlds top independent veterinary immunologists?! Not only are these products unnecessary and a waste of your money but they are far from perfectly harmless.

Take the Dogs First challenge. Give a fresh diet a go for two weeks, you have absolutely nothing to lose and they have everything to gain. I promise you will never go back.

What You Can Expect:

Improvement in recurring skin conditions 85%
Improvement in recurring gut conditions 95%
Improvement in coat and muscle tone 90%
Improvement in appetitie and fulfiment in your dog 100%
Dry dog food and our reliance on pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms instead of tackling the cure is destroying the health of our pets. Dogs First’s mission is to have at least 50% of Irish vets recommending fresh ingredients for dogs and boosting no more than every 3 years by 2020.
Did you know that we used to pay doctors to keep us healthy and stop when we got sick. Why would you keep paying a plumber if your house kept leaking?! To only visit a doctor when you’re sick encourages the medicine man. We return to this simple philosophy. The name Dogs First stemmed from our promise to always put dogs before profit. Every thing we do is to benefit their health and your pocket, which often go hand-in-hand in today’s world. Our mission is thus to get you off the “products”. There is a perfectly good home remedy available for most ailments but the trick is to stop them getting sick in the first place.
We are here to answer any of your questions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Watch Dr Conor Brady on Dragons Den 2013!

You won't believe what happens at the start!!
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About Dr. Conor Brady

Like you I’m a life long dog nut. After a youth in various animal shelters and a stint in Dublin Zoo I obtained an honours degree and eventual doctorate studying the affects of diet on the mammalian digestive system and their resulting behaviour. The years of intensive research here prepared me well for what was to come, and that is separating the correct, independent information from the heavily biased pseudoscience of big industry which sadly today infects almost every aspect of canine health and nutrition.

I went on to become a guide dog trainer and eventually pup supervisor in Irish Guide Dogs, a job I loved dearly, guaranteeing me 9-5 puppy emersion!!! It also allowed me to view and measure the effects of small changes in diet on a large number of dogs. Some issues began to pop up. In 2009 I set off for Perth, Australia, to establish a puppy program there. It was during my time here that I thoroughly fell out of love with feeding dogs dry, cereal based food. It quickly became apparent that not only was dry food responsible for all the skin and gut problems we were seeing but fresh fed dogs were more focused and significantly easier to train. Evidently, as in humans, fresh food immediately benefited a dog’s form and function. That’s when my career took a right turn!

I dropped out of Guide Dogs and went back to the books. I spent a couple of years in a dark room studying canine nutrition, inflammation and food allergy full time. I then took my show on the road in the form of a seminars and workshops for canine professionals, recognised by veterinary councils. I became something of a canine nutritionist and have now worked with many dog groups, breeders and associations around the world.

Despite being recognised by the Vet Council of Ireland, veterinary attendance was dismal. As time went on I began to realise how difficult getting this message out there would be, certainly amongst veterinary circles which I thought was where I needed to be. As time went on, I began to realise that the public and certainly canine professionals such as groomers, trainers and breeders, were far more receptive.

So I changed tact. I thought if the vets won’t listen I’ll make their customers speak with their feet. In 2013 I started Ireland’s first and only raw dog food brand “Graw Dog Food” (stemming from the Irish for love)After some success on Dragons Den 2013 (watch the whole thing here!) the same year the next thing I knew I was elbow deep in blood and guts, making dog food. It was quite the eye opener and I learned quick.

Thankfully I got out of it in 2014. I’m not saying I won’t get back involved at some stage but I’m here to tell you that I have now been on both sides of the pet food and treat industry folks. I have studied it from the outside and now I have operated from within it. I’m here to tell you that the whole industry is a dirty, cloak-and-dagger pit. What goes into the majority of “food” products for pets today you wouldn’t feed a starving man. And we wonder why chronic disease and drug use in pets is sky rocketing? Well, you’re vet may be wondering, but I am most certainly not.

I’m not back to Dogs First with a vengeance. Back to what I feel passionate about and therefore best at – that is promoting better health in pets via biologically appropriate fresh nutrition, promoting home made treatments that work, and if possible, having bit of craic while I’m at it.

Fresh is best guys, don’t let them sell you otherwise.

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