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My Top 47 Posts from 2019!!!

Find below some of my most successful posts on Facebook from 2019. Enjoy! *** WHAT IS EPIGENETICS? Reach 4k WE COMPARE THE TOP 7 SELLING 80:20 DRY FOODS ON THE MARKET, HERE’S WHAT TO LOOK FOR, IF DRY IS YOUR BAG… Reach 5k TOP 10 TIPS FOR ITCHY DOGS BEFORE

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best books for obesity

What is a researcher? I’m not sure anymore…

A little background into what a researcher actually does, a note on the state of the science and its terribly ironic saviours… It was during the recent Finland seminar that the curtain on obesity was pulled back for me. In terms of a root cause, it’s fair to say, coming

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Caroline Ingraham, founder of Zoo Pharmacognosy


Zoopharmacognosy Continued: The first two tastes were fine…which turns out is a bit of a worry…! Just a follow on from the Zoopharmacognosy Facebook post yesterday entitled “Give Raw Garlic But Separately to the Food” re garlic selecting in dogs. If you missed it, check it out. We were saying

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Where are you legally buying a sick dog?

Where are you legally when you buy a pup but very soon you realise the dog has a major health issue, one that mightn’t have been disclosed to you?  I was contacted by a concerned owner who recently purchased a purebred dog only to find out very quickly that the

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Something Smells at the Veterinary Evidence Journal…

Following on From Yesterday’s Post, Here is Another Example of a “Study” Published by the Veterinary Journal That Leaves far Questions Asked Than Answered. Something is Going on… Another recent work by Veterinary Evidence Journal. This one authored by a lady with a degree in science, entitled “In Adult Dogs,

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Medivet Top Brass Appears not to Support Raw Feeders…

UK Raw Feeders, Consider who you Spend Your Money With… Below you’ll find Medivets statement on raw feeding, released internally, which was emailed to me by a vet working for the group. All the usual guff. It’s funny, if you substitute the word “raw” for “dry food” their statement actually

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The RFVS Conference 2018!

The RFVS Conference 2018, What a Phenomenal Weekend… A few months back the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society took me in as a non-vet consultant. I was really proud about that. All the people I would consider peers are in there, from Billinghurst to Becker to Thompson, and a few others

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mexican hairless terrier

The Shaved Dog Debate

The Shaved Dog Debate… There’s an interesting debate that has just popped up, I’d welcome your input. The image below is of a double-coated dog who has been shaved. The shaved area is apparently hotter than the unshaved area. The advice that resulted was to stop shaving your dogs in

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Ever Heard of a Pure Gatherer?!

What I Learned From the Chronicles of Frankenstein… New babies mean you get to watch more TV. This means you can stray into parts of teleworld you might not normally venture into. Case in point, the Frankenstein Chronicles starring Sean Bean. I like a bit of horror / zombie action

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The Best Kennels in the World

The Top 5 Kennels in the World – Dogs First

The Top 5 Kennels in the World I was over with the very appropriately named Aileen Woulfe in Switzerland last week doing a nutrition talk. Aileen runs Happy Dogs Aigle. Now, you might think you’ve seen some fancy kennels in your time, you’ve undoubtedly seen some pricey ones after all it’s

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Dog chewed up their license

Do you have a license for your dog?!

Do you have a license for your dog?! I was approached yesterday with the question – how many dogs are there in Ireland? However, in trying to research the answer I came across a more interesting question, how many of you actually have a dog license?! Here’s what we found…

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trying to clone a mammoth

Clone your dog for €100k?!

Welcome to the Clone Factory… Our fourth installation of the top 5 most interesting studies to come out on dogs in 2016, this one is about cloning and involves laboratories that are putting out 500 new animals a week, wolves born to dogs and an opportunity to resurrect the dead! In an effort

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