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Everything you need to make the leap to a better diet and life for them is free to read on our site…

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The most up to date scientific information on a range of nutrition & health topics delivered lecture-style by Conor…

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For anyone needing 1-to-1 assistance with the transition from dry or specific dietary advice for a health condition

Why Dogs First?

I’ve been doing this a long time – researching, writing and reporting on the pet industry from the inside out. It’s clear there is a dizzying amount of bad information out there and people are confused. Dogs First was established to provide pet owners with a source of trusted, no-nonsense, well researched, factual information. I have no agenda to sell you a specific food product and I will always, always put the dog first

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Dogs First COURSES

For those who like to nerd it up a little, come with Conor down various rabbit holes and see why his courses and lecture style are often considered the very best in the business…

Canine Allergy:


Run Time 200mins | Nerd Level 🤓🤓

Recurring skin (including chronic itch), ear and gut conditions (ReSEGs) are the #1, #2 and #3 reasons for visiting the vet today. Unfortunately, the information you receive at that point is critical as to whether your dog recovers from the chronic/recurring issue plaguing him. Because if you don’t find the cause of the issue you are doomed to return monthly for that fancy kibble (that isn’t working) and a bevvy of powerful, immune-suppressing meds to suppress his symptoms. Like turning off the smoke alarm and going back to bed. But did you know that studies show kibble is in fact more likely to fuel both skin and gut disease in pets?! Because it does. Often it’s as simple as removing it (you’re welcome). However, for most with ReSEGs there a process is needed, a simple rehab plan (seal & heal) which I walk you through in this course. 

Here’s my promise – if this course does not put your dog on the road to recovery we will refund you the cost (€59.95) instantly, no questions.


The Colossal Role Of Nutrition

Run Time 82mins | Nerd Level 🤓🤓

Anyone that has ever been to kids birthday party will understand – junk food can have a disastrous effect on behaviour. In this course we examine the profound effect good food has on the behaviour of your dog. In the first half we will discuss the crucial role of fresh protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and bioactive compounds and put to bed some supplement myths. We will then discuss the critical, largely undiscussed role of a healthy biome in canine contentment. We finish with our best nutritional advice for a stressed dog. Comes with slide handouts and 10page pdf of all references used.


Carnivore or Omnivore?

This course explains what dogs eat by analysing their evolution, biology and diet studies.

Run Time 53mins | Nerd Level 🤓

How many times have you heard people argue over whether the dog is a carnivore or omnivore?! And if they eat some plant matter, how much? And of what?!! To answer this question as a zoologist might, we examine 3 things 1)  canine ancestry from a diet perspective, 2) what do the wild canine diet studies tell us and finally, 3) what does their biology tell us about what they are geared eat. We conclude with what we think the ideal dog diet might look like. Comes with the entire first section of my book Feeding Dogs, the top rated manual on canine nutrition (acordng to BookAuthority).


Who are the pet food police?!

Run Time 82mins | Nerd Level 🤓 🤓

When a product says “100% nutritionally balanced & complete according to AAFCO” what does that actually mean? And who are AAFCO?! In this course, we introduce you to the pet food regulators and how they deem your pet food product of choice is absolutely perfect for your dog every day of their lives. From the truly woeful feed nutrient guidelines to the whole “complete” myth, this ones a shocker. Compulsive viewing for anyone recommending “complete” pet food. Comes with Chapter 19 of my book, Feeding Dogs,  detailing not only the lack of regulation but the recent DCM scandal.


Real food is now truly vital. Here's why and how

Feeding Dogs Well Course

Run Time 224mins | Nerd Level 🤓 🤓

I’m not a vet and nothing replaces the advice of a good one, certainly now. But if your vet is recommending a bag of dry, chemically preserved, high carb kibble for your cancer stricken dog, you NEED to see this course. We detail what a dog normally eats and what happens when you feed them high carb diets. We finish with how to feed them real food and what you need to do, in terms of diet and natural supplements, to tailor that diet. This works ALONGSIDE conventional treatments. Come with the mammoth and highly popular Chapter 6 of my book, Feeding Dogs, entitled “Carbohydrates”.

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Help and advice for the move towards feeding your pets fresh, species appropriate food

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From the vet health professional to canine professional to the avid canine enthusiast, Feeding Dogs is a fascinating, at times shocking and utterly essential portrayal of canine nutrition today. With a clear and tangible passion for the subject but with an entertaining, highly readable style, Dr Conor Brady forensically translates the available research on a great variety of topics, detailing for us not only what dogs should eat but what they are currently being fed. 

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1-to-1 Online Consultations

Should you need a little extra hand-holding, we’re here to help. We have a range of live Zoom consult options including raw feeding consults for folk new to the game or with questions concerning their current approach, health consults for those with a particular condition and new puppy consults for those hoping to start off on the very best path for their little one. You choose your time and whether you need Karen or Conor at the other end of the line!


"one of the best"

What an excellent article. One of the best I have ever read. I greatly appreciate your honesty and the ability to provide me with free information to treat my dog’s yeast condition at home. I’m glad I found your site.

Lisa, website, 23/11/20



Thank you for your work. It is difficult to find websites where information is so honest and easy to understand. I needed information about raw ( Barf ) diet for my pregnant dog and your article was very helpful. I’m going to read all other articles to. Thank you

Monika, website, 20/09/21



I am using canident with raw meaty bones for a month and the transformation is fantastic 👌 Her pearly white his teeth are 😁. Thanks so much for your advice!

Petra, email, 04/12/2021

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Dogs First was established to give dog owners no-nonsense, well-researched, factual information on all things canine nutrition and natural health.

It’s clear there is today a terrible amount of bad information out there, much of it a result of the unregulated influx of corporate cash into our veterinary sector. We’ll do our best to protect you from the worst of it but for now trust absolutely nothing in a packet with a picture of a dog on it.